Beat Depression with Good Music and Memories

Anytime I feel depressed… My remedy is good music and good memories.

Coumtry music can bring out all those feelings in me. Especially when I am down. Just crank up them tunes. It can bring you back to the best times of your life. Dance like you have no problems! I love this remedy. It brings me to memories of my mom driving the car. Positive music by Keith Urban’s “Wasted Time” fixes me everytime. Or “Rock the Boat” by KC and the Sunshine band. You can’t feel bad with a great tune. Treat yourself daily. Dance like no one is watching. That will not only make you feel great, keep you in shape, but also change your negative frame of mind.


Lemon for Skin Conditions


Lemon has many wonderful qualities. By ingesting it, it is known to aid with digestion, treat certain infections and even help combat wrinkles.

I use fresh squeezed lemon on my skin. Mostly on my body, but also sometimes on my face.

When I visited my dermatologist about a year and a half ago, I asked her about some small, raised bumps on my legs. Mostly on the back of my legs (upper calves and thighs). She told me they were small warts that were spread by shaving. (I do shave my thighs, as I am a hairy German.😉) I began to research natural ways to solve this issue. I came across an article on the antibacterial quality of fresh lemon. I figured, it was worth a try.

I decided to add it to my bi-monthly “me” day routine.

*”Me” day is the day (twice a month) I do my naturally youthful treatments and take a soothing bath. (Although painting my nails is not natural, I always include it in my day.👍😍)

I use fresh squeezed lemon and drip it on my legs in the problem areas. It burns a bit at first, but as it dries, it is easier to tollerate. I let it stay on for about 30 minutes, then rinse it off. The texture becomes sticky as it dries and needs to be rinsed off. After only two treatments, the warts were gone. I do use it every few months to keep them from reoccurring though.

I also have used this treatment on moles caused by sun damage. It fades them and some have actually completely disappeared! I occasionally also use it on my face to reduce dark spots from sun damage too.

*Note: Avoid sun exposure on the day of your treatment.

Also, as this treatment has worked on my moles, I avoid sun exposure on a daily basis. It is a bit hard to do at times, as I live in California. I try to avoid the sun during peak hours. If I have no choice, I bring a hat and wear sleeved shirts with a high collar. I also apply sunscreen on the exposed areas. It sure helps my skin stay youthful.


Youthful Glow with Coconut Oil

Sometimes the harsh weather or even air conditioning exposure takes a toll on your skin… Especially on your face’s fragile skin.

A great treat for your skin is coconut oil. Yep, the same kind you cook with.

This is the brand I use. Simple Truth Organic (refined expeller pressed).


On a day when you are able to not wear make-up (usually an hour or so before bed or on house cleaning day), spread the oil liberally on your entire face and neck. Lightly rubbing it in.

Note: It will take time to soak in, close to an hour.

Leave on until it soaks in.This will help even your skin tone, reduce and prevent wrinkles, and help repair skin damage.

Your face will be as soft as a baby’s bottom for days. Repeat monthly, as needed.

*As an added bonus, use the leftover on your hands on your hair ends. This works wonders on split ends. I like to sleep with a liberal amount in my hair at night with towel over my pillow. I do a light shampoo in the morning to get the greasy texture off. The results are lasting shine and manageability.